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South Jeffco Strikers Bowling Registration

All efforts for this first season are to keep costs at an absolute minimum...meaning no unnecessary extras.  Just show up, bowl, have fun and the alley will track each player's progress through the season for them to see.


  • The cost for the spring league would be $210 plus a $4 USBC membership you will obtain (per individual).  This includes 12 weeks/3 games per week plus two free practice games a week (practice games are on your own time). Ball and shoe rental are also included if needed.  Participants will also receive a t-shirt.
    • The registration can be paid in full upon registration or, iIf you choose the automatic payment plan, a payment of $105 will be due upon registration and the balance will be withdrawn on January 3, 2022.
    • Registration closes December 17th.

  • The spring league is from January 8th through March 26th on Saturday mornings. If the player participates in spring sports this will overlap a bit but the players are allowed to make-up games during the week prior to the Saturday they will miss bowling.
  • This will be for 6th-12th graders and it is not limited to players from the South Jeffco area.
  • There will be a minimum of 2 professional coaches provided by the bowling alley each week providing tips to participants during games. This is a league and not learn-to-play so the coaching is minimal.  Since they are not really “competing” against each other and bowling handicaps will be applied the four-person “teams” are not restricted by age or grade. Four siblings or friends can be on one “team” despite any age/grade differences. For participants that don’t have any friend requests, we will try to group varying ages.
  • Although scores are tracked weekly it is more about the experience and improving their personal skills through the experience.
  • Players will be required to join the USBC for a minimum $4 (you can choose to upgrade their membership), but this opens up a lot of doors for competitions and scholarships should they decide to pursue them.  Player must complete this registration separate from SJSA's and provide the membership number prior to the league beginning. Clck here to be re-directed to their site.  Once done, please email the participants name and membership number to office@southjeff.org

  • Depending on how many participants we get, the league will either start at 10 am (if we get 40 participants so tell a friend) or Noon on Saturdays. Game times will vary by team but usually take around 2 hours to complete 3 games.  Once a team has completed their 3 games they are free to leave.

  • Since we will be the first group in the morning all balls and shoes will be disinfected.  Players are welcome to bring their own equipment.

  • The bowling alley is located in the vicinity of Federal and Belleview.

Opened: 11/15/2021
Closes: 12/17/2021

Open to: Boys & Girls
born on or after: 11/12/2003

In Grades: 6 to 12 for 2021-22 School year